Where will you be the day after your wedding? Ten years after? Fifty?
There’s only so much we can predict but we do know this:
After the cake is finished, the flowers die, and the dress hangs in the back of a dusty closet, these photographs will be some of the very few tangible reminders left of the moments lived and the promises made on your wedding day.

Life is fast and it’s happening in real time. This means we get only one chance to capture the authentic way you were together on this day, one shot at getting the moment your dad tears up as he walks you down the aisle or as your mom tells you how proud of you she is on the dance floor. We believe wedding photographs and films should matter because life matters. These are real people who have been with you in your real story, and this day is a microcosm of of it all.

That being said, weddings are not about photographs. They’re about a marriage. They’re about a family story. They’re about the legacy of who you are and who you will be. And so it is our job to tell that, and tell it well. 

I believe that connection and love are a big part of what life is all about. Over the years, we’ve gotten to see how meaningful a quick glance, a breath of anticipation, and a squeeze of a hand can be. It’s those brief, subtle exchanges that can show you what being in that moment felt like.

I am  blending these moments with fine art portraits to tell your story in an emotional and beautiful way.

Receiving a physical wedding album is the final step in the work you’ve commissioned from me as artist. It’s where the stories come to life as you touch and experience them.

Your wedding album is an heirloom. It becomes an invaluable part of your family history. How amazing would it be to have a wedding album showing the personalities and relationships of your grandparents and their families? To see this intimate part of your family history? Your album creates a visual legacy that becomes more precious as time passes.