Let's face it...choosing a photographer to capture life's biggest moments isn't an easy decision.  And quite frankly, I'm incredibly honored that you're considering me.  I know that there are many options, and I truly understand the importance of finding the perfect fit.  

So drop me a line.  Tell me all about you and your photography dreams and desires, and let's chat some more.  If you are living in European Union, I will gladly be part of your memorable day. 

Can't wait to hear from you!

There is romance in photography. I tend to see the world as a big black and white photograph. I love watching the raw emotion that always seems to poke its head out on a wedding day. 

 Above anything else, I am always striving to document the story of you and the beginning of your journey together. It's always amazing to me how a single image can freeze a moment forever. That moment may make you laugh when you first see it, it might make your eyes sweat a little, you may get a little frog in your throat that chokes the words right out of you. 

Whatever you feel though, you can feel safe in knowing that it was real... Real emotions, real tears, real laughs, real hugs, real kisses. It's all about the authentic and real you.