For as long as I can remember, I've seen the world in a cinematic sense.  
I recall long car rides with my family where staring out the window was better than a movie.  I'd use my mind to create my own motion picture, I'd capture stills in my memory along the way.  It wasn't until years later that the compositions in my brain would meet up with a camera in a way that would take on an entirely new life.   From that day forward, a day has not passed without me taking a picture.  Or two.  Or three thousand.  
Photography feeds my soul in all the very best ways.

 It was at about the same time that I fell in love with weddings.  Oddly enough, this didn't happen until after my very best friend's.  The feelings, the flowers, the fonts, the fabrics, and eventually...the photos.  It all lined up perfectly and, though, perhaps a little too late for her wedding, right in time for me to find my life as wedding photographer.  I delight in meeting new couples, and spoiling them throughout the wedding planning process.  I squeal when a bride texts me a photo the minute she finds *the* dress.  I savor every minute of hearing how he proposed while photographing your engagement session somewhere new.  I yearn to eternalize the look on your husband-to-be's face when he first sets his eyes upon you on your wedding day.  I thrive on documenting every detail of your day, from your shoes, to your rings, to the tears in your mother's eyes as you step out for your dance with dad, and I revel in that moment where I turn over your wedding album, the culmination of the first chapter of  your legacy, and in the smiles that accompany that moment.